Saturday, July 07, 2012

just you wait

studying is fun. u wldn't believe me saying this but student life would always be the best years of ur life.

and i guess this depression is setting in because i sit at my table everyday
with work piling up
student discipline down the drain
and wonder if this will be my life till the day i die

our life is no longer our own.
we need permission to nt go to school
we can't just leave any time we one
it's the rein. the damned reinnnnnnnn

and u noe that somewhere out there
u've had a better life before
skipping classes
late nights
drinking to the wee hours in the morning nt caring if u had lessons the next day

that was life. that was the best life.

so i will wait. wait for the next break in life. for me to throw everything aside and travel again. with a rucksack. just me and the world


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