Sunday, May 01, 2011

the oxygen thief

i can't rmb e exact lines u said.
but it suddenly occurred to me that instead of letting u in on my life
i might be burdening u with my troubles instead.

maybe none of us can accept melo-drama imperfections
even that of close friends
in fact i wonder most of e time if we were where we used to be
it's like for her, our time stopped after the day she pushed me into a corner
for us, our time stopped along e banks we sat at
where u talk abt how disconnected u are from e ppl who were close to u
i guess time sort of stopped there for me
while u moved on.

i dun blame u i guess.
i wasnt e perfect one too.
n i wonder y u keep pushing me back to her
when we're already so far apart

i'm happy for the way we were
n e way u will be

i'm srry for disappointing u
u still are awesome

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