Friday, April 03, 2009

a botlle of chicken essence. i am advertising. XD

a bottle of ji jing, with paper strewn all over the table, a laptop in the background, 4 windows on Microsoft word, one half done, one done to facilitate copying, the other two just random lines copied from here and there, the wall - e mug on the right with a cute hand drawn birthday card stuffed into it and a barney happy birthday party hat.

this is a crime scene. no one died.

it's 4am. i am brain dead. and have only written 870 out of 2000 words. if the look at it positively, 1500 is the min so life's not tt bad.

damn u for doing last min work. HAHA.

the party hat looks extremely forlorn on my table. but i can still smile from the events that happened two days ago. haha. the insanity of living in a hall, 4 people squeezing on the bed with me slping with face pressed against the wall so that my poor friends could sleep on whatever is left of the space on the bed. e insane cake made up of M&Ms (courtesy of my roommate) with 3 big candles?? HAHA. before i know it, i'm 30! LOL.

and e flooding of messages in my hp, my facebook, email from surprise surprise, my long lost US friend. HAHA. and there're farnnie ppl who keep wishing me happy birthday with exclamation marks again and again like they've caught an infectious diseases of happiness and they need to spread it me. i love them.

& my roommate and NIE mates bought me a day pack for my trip! i love my roomie lots and lots. haha. no wonder her bf was grinning farnniely when he wished me happy bday in e afternoon. LOL. the surprise home cooked meal didn't managed to make it's appearance in the end cus my roommate overslept. HAHA. but still, it was lovely.

it was MY day. LOL. they made sure i felt and understood that. even the lousy test didn't dampen my mood. and i'm so thankful for them. i tot i wld just rot in my hall on my 21st since most of e celebration was done over e wkends.

i'm still brimming with e overwhelming love u all gave me.

maybe adulthood wldn't be so bad after all. =)


beautifulRoomie said...

he surprise home cooked meal didn't managed to make it's appearance in the end

It didn't happen because Mel did not manage to drag the meeting k!!! Xishi was on her way to the busstop to go buy ingredients w/o me okay >_<

Faith said...