Thursday, November 20, 2008


i'm somewhere in e pic
carrying a olympic torch

HAHAHA jking

e only reason why i'm alive

it's cus there's cabal

and a nutty who gave me 1m alz of cabal money cus he's too darn rich and doesn't wanna study for his exams. HAHAHAHA

everyone's crazy.

we shld all buy insurace policy and kill ourselves. but only after a year. anytime before that no refund ok?

i'm just crapping so that my blog does not have COBWEBS.


i've been thinking a whole lot abt depression these days

what makes ppl unable to cope that causes them to be depressed?

isit e way they're brought up?

isit cus of how their brain is wired?

i dun noe....


Faith said...


Anonymous said...

go out with me la, dun always stay at home and play play play lol.


Anonymous said...

i miss you. hurry come home.