Sunday, November 09, 2008

a b o u t u

it's e way u call my name that makes me squirm

it's e way u nonchalantly say sorry and shrug if off

i tot u've changed

suddenly i realised, all these while, it wasn't abt anyone else.

it wasn't abt making friends nor was is it about making someone's day

everything was just about u

how u felt, how u cld make urself better, how everything cld benefit u

i noe everyone has this feeling, self before others. but u brought it more to the extreme.

e world centered ard u.

but at least now i think i know, who u truly are.

and that my instincts abt u were right all along.

u can never be true to anyone but urself

so don't complain.

but guess what i'm no longer afraid of u. i'm sure, that i'm so much stronger to deal with u now.


i've been meaning to look into religion again. buddhism to be exact. there's so much i want to know abt e philosophy and how wrongly it's been interpreted by fanatics.

maybe i just wanted to be at peace after u left.