Sunday, April 08, 2012

where is the love.

it is sad. that religion, or to be specific christianity has become a wall to this friendship

n so it stops

this friendship just isn't real anymore.

And I did so under the blanketing term “Christian.” I did so believing that my actions were somehow justified because of my beliefs at the time. I did so, actually believing that such appointments were done out of… love.
frm here. :)

 if anything i cldn't agree more, that this has been what i've observed so far.
ppl who claim to be 'true' christians, ppl who claim to be saving others have in effect taken upon themselves to judge others. others who are different, even those of the same faith. different because they don't follow the same routines. different because they don't model their life after yours, your beliefs, your world view. without realizing that we all have walked different paths, u judge, with what u think u know of the person, or thinking u know better, u judge.

and that's the thing that is most damning about the believers. they judge u. all the time. knowingly or unknowingly. because they feel that they are following this path that God has made for them. And with this path they have a sense of responsibility, dripping with self-righteousness, to guide u to the very same path they are walking on, thinking that people who are too blind to see their God are immoral, are missing out on so many things that God has to provide.

so as u self righteously mete out judgements to all those whom u deem need to be saved, i hope one day u will understand how much damage ur beliefs have done to the people who loved u, to find a better purpose then to cast stones at those who walk a different path frm urs.

Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her

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