Tuesday, December 13, 2011

confessionsions of a fashion disaster

she doesnt understand how a girl would not want to dress up

i do i guess. but not all time. 1 out of 10 times maybe? rest of the time i'm just t shirt shorts n my ipnama sandals.
tt's how i wld like to live my life
fast, simple, easy, haphazard combination, a fashion disaster
something i can run in
something i can sit in anyway i like without bothering if e world saw my wadever is underneath
but most importantly, something i can run with.
not like i run around all the time
but i don't know why
this thought is just in my head whenever i think of what to wear
something i can run in

i cant run in dress can i?

primal maybe?

maybe i lacked the confidence to carry off those hot dresses with bare backs or wadever complicated fashion terms that u haf
but honestly, e rest of the times i can't really be bothered.

i guess i dont understand how she wldn't understand that girls are not just abt dressing up.



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