Monday, September 26, 2011

3am, n i let my thoughts run wild. darkness, it has been awhile

it was a blog post
that triggered off insecurities
that triggered off the reconnection that i thought was long lost
n in a way i feel guilty 
all along while i've let go of what i thought was lost
u held on. silently.
believing that i was holding on to the other end of that bond that we shared.

the process of accomodating n assimilating
is like breaking down the thick walls of ur comfort zone
to let someone in.
u start to think if everything abt u is wrong
so fking imperfect
u cld just kill urself.
n u wonder if everyone is blind
to even  call u a friend.
shit these insecurities.

still i need to change. i've been making u more upset than i shld :(
stop being childishnirritatingngrowup

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