Tuesday, September 21, 2010

just another day

dear diary

life's been good.i'm coping well in school. surprisingly. maybe it's cus i was prepared for the worst.

my roommate has been slamming doors n throwing her things ard as usual. but i guess anything for one that sucks ur life force out of u. snorts

dad lost his job again.

n now old ah pek is the taboo word at home because dad will become emo momo after hearing this. it doesnt help tt mum becomes an emo momo with the dad. n the boy's crazy truckload of tuition isn't really helping with the financial situation here. god he's such a leech sometimes.

n mum's asking when i'm graduating n getting my 1st pay. fuck. n e stupid thing is she doesn't want me to pay for the family expenses now. she says it gives her more stress. wtf???

sis has dropped the idea of overseas exchange because of our inability to fork out 10 - 20k. but then again, i guess this would make her even more detemined to get e scholarship which will sponsor her masters in europe or wadever.

i guess travelling would be out of e question now...

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