Wednesday, June 23, 2010

シミン wa su re na i yo

e trip broke us

in a sense.

i guess we've been living apart for so long that i forgot who you used to be and will be

that's what broke us

will miss...

the 20 mins train ride on the odakyu line back to mukogaka-yuen
followed by the 10 min walk down the long dark alley where u most probably might be raped, or not. HUR

the calgary students who appreciated me for who i am

the RAs who understood my lousy japanese

the two spanish hotties whom i learnt the art of flirting and love

the japanese classes, teachers and the stress that came with it which made my depressed every night

the late nights in the canteen where i stared at my homework, stoned for a few hours before copying it frantically

the good food which made me fat

the izakayas (beer house) where i got drunk twice and had ppl drag me home

the pervertic talk about dating only girls who can get pregnant

the 食べ放題 where we ate till we wanted to puke

most of all

the familiar voices of おかえり , that sweet sweet sound of home.


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