Thursday, December 10, 2009


insomnia shld be killed n shot in e head.

fuck it's 6am.

to think i was wondering how on earth can ppl haf insomnia

now i'm wondering how on earth ppl with insomnia get their slp.


my sis said: "u're bothered by ur rmmate"

"yeah i noe. i don't give a damn"

"well, now u're contradicting urself"

maybe it's gd to know her through the eyes of someone else.

someone else less judgemental. someone who didn't noe abt her past.

living together does take it's toil on u. u get worn out. u get jaded. n den u wonder how u cld haf lived with her for 1 year n a half

n now tt u're nt living with her, u wonder how e tot of applying for a single rm cld occur to u

humans are such a pain in arse.

fucked up.

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