Monday, August 03, 2009


Relive your memories of Cedar now!


1. [] You spent at least 1 year of your school life patronizing the ba chor mee stall
2. [] You cut queue at the ba chor mee stall
3. [] You had disgusting things in your food in the canteen at least once before.
4. [ ] You avoided the wan ton stall
5. [] You spent more pocket money on wedges and aunty lily's snacks than recess itself
6. [x] You miss CGSS canteen food


7. [x] You recall the jogging sessions in the old cedar campus
8. [x] You cheered your heart out during the twice weekly jogging sessions
9. [x] You sneaked off to the toilet halfway during jogging, returned to the track when the rest of the class finished and pretended like you ran the whole 1/2/3 rounds around the school


10. [] you own at least 2 pairs of FBT shorts
11. [x] You got away with your skirt being too short
12. [x] Your socks were as low as possible
13. [x] You made every excuse to not change out of your PE attire
14. [x] You never buttoned the first button on your shirt on purpose.
15. [x] You tugged at and pulled your skirt down ALL YOU COULD the minute you heard the word "Spotcheck"
16. [x] You still wear your House/PE T shirt occasionally
17. [] You had shoelaces in your blouse
18. [x] You were one of the Cedarians who wore blouses that were one/two size(s) too big for you so that you could tuck it out more
19. [] You faked an injury to wear sandals/slippers to school
20. [] You wore jackets in school because it was ‘that’ cold


21. [x] Wednesday morning assemblies were nap time!
22. [ ] You fainted at least once during school assembly
23. [ ] You hid in the toilet/ Kolam Ayer CC/any other place because you were late for assembly, quickly joined your class after assembly was over and never got caught for being late
24. [x] You know about the Cedar clock tower story
25. [ ] You never tapped your ez link card at the kiosks because you were too lazy to queue up
26. [x] You remember when Ms Susan Leong made us sing the school song and national anthem again and again because she wasn't satisfied with the volume
27. [x] You never sang or sang the school song softly because your friends were doing so too
28. [ ] You went for friday assemblies just so that you could enjoy the aircon in the MPH


29. [ ] You go to the toilet during lessons and only end up checking your hair/doing your hair/chatting with friends you accidentally ran into/checking your cool attire for at least ten minutes
30. [ ] You threatened a teacher that your parents will complain to XXX
31. [x ] You have at least one good friend from PB (Prefectorial Board)
32. [x ] You got away with eating in class
33. [x] You had the fattest pencil case because it was stuffed with all those coloured pens and markers
34. [ ] You still use the blue/black uni-ball ultra-fine 0.38 pen (or 0.28)
35. [x] You had a crush on a male teacher before
36. [ ] Your class scared a male teacher away before
37. [x] You caused a chain of effect of screams because you saw a bug/lizard
38. [ ] You were one of the brats who was picked up by your parent(s) everyday
39. [x] Alternatively, you got a lift from a friend whose parent(s) picked them up everyday


40. [x] You have been to at least one Speech Day
41. [x] You never understood why the prefects would always start the Cedar Solid cheer after every major event
42. [x] You remember the day when a senior class yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS SIM from the fourth floor classrooms & Miss Sim looked up from the ground floor in the old campus
43. [ ] You never managed to fill up the donation cards for 50Laps@Cedar
44. [ ] You went to the Cedar Carnival on Valentine's Day & saw teachers getting dunked!


45. [x] You wonder why we never actually had prom (for 2008 batch only!) or if you did have one, you wondered why it was always in the MPH
46. [ ] You admire the Class of 2008 for getting good results!
47. [x] You have at least three relatives who studied/are currently studying in CGSS
48. [x] You will send your daughter to CGSS
49. [x] You’ve gone back at least once to visit after graduating
50. [x] You wish you could relive it all over again.

Count your unchecked boxes.
Deduct that number from 50
Multiply by 2.

28 X 2= 58%

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i was bored. & yes. i still miss cedar alot. our clock tower is gone :(

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hui said...

twice weekly jogging sessions <- cheered for???

dont u own like 2 pairs of FBT???

Wah minmin wore short skirt.. *wink*

~ see I'm so obsessed with u, i read the whole list carefully =X~