Thursday, November 30, 2006

updates on my life

yes, unlike most ppl who have revived their blog after suffering frm e boredom of post exam blues, i do nt update my blog as often as i want to. i tried writing but i gave up halfway too. i've been going out almost everyday, trying to keep in touch with ppl frm JC (yeah i noe we just graduated), & sec sch as they walk ard preparing for prom & i prepare my office wear.

we do lame stuff like borrowing haogay's phone to send gay sms to his guy classmates and freak them out. we take lame picts and scream at how incompetent haogay is with electronic gadgets only to find out tt it's nt really his fault either. or maybe just walk ard looking at weird revealing prom clothes & taunting my fren to wear it, or bringing my brother all e way to pasir ris escape themepark just to welcome rain when we were going to enter e themepark.

so tt's how my life was like during e past few wks after As. no plans abt e future i guess. just waiting and succumbing to materialistic desires & working hard to get it. i want e Z610i phone which i have ranting & raving & dreaming about since As. i want to upgrade my com. i want money

wadever lar. i'm so tired now. nite.

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